1st day: Downhill Biking
We will pick-up you at 7:00 am from your Hotel. Starting point of our
adventure is the Local Bus Terminal (to the North at Santiago
district).We'll leave the city seeing beautiful natural surroundings with
rolling hills until the town of Chinchero overlooking the SacredValley at
about 2700 masl.reach. After descending this mountainside we'll arrive to a
brief stop at
Ollantaytambo where we'll start the 46 km. uphill to the ABRA MALAGA
(Mountain Pass at 4350 masl) approx. at midday, the starting point again to
our downhill, just in case the weather be not good for riding bikes due
tohaze, rain or snow, we'll go further down with the bus for about 30
minutes to the next place being the hamlet of Carrizales where we'll rest a
bit and have luch, after that we'll descend to the hot valleys of the high
jungle towards QUILLABAMBA, this downhill will last about 5 hours, passing
by little rustic villages, ravines, fruit groves and streams. During the
trip we'll stop 2 times to visit the archeological centers of Inkatambo
(Lodging Place in Quechua) who was an Inka fortress & guarding place for the
which came up from the jungles to the highlands (this route is being paved
nowadays) and continuing with Huamanmarka (Falcon Land) that includes a main
plaza, a sacred temple, urban sector, administrative areas, agricultural
terraces at riverside and a religious & ceremonial center (Ushnu). Both
visits last about 30 minutes each. We arrive to the first major town of
SANTA MARIA about 6pm. (dinner and overnight camping or in a familiar guest

2nd day: Trekking
We will get up very early this time at 5 am. and get a good healthy
breakfast to start walking over a flat area by the Urubamba riverside for
about 1½ hours. Then we'll continue to go up the route for 1 more hour
taking the ancient Inka jungle trail, a rustic and rough road full of rocks
and stones (with some steps on it), crossing the river using old Oroyas
(Cablecar bridges) and footbridges... we can observe several wild animals of
the region like birds (parrots, hummingbirds, jungle eagles, marakarakus,
etc) and fruit & medicine plants like bananas, avocados, yuca, mangos,
pineapples, oranges, pacay, tangerines, cacao, coffee and coca crops, etc...
then arriving to the hamlet of Q´ellumayu where we'll get some rest and have
lunch...After that we'll go on with our trek walking by the river for about
2 hours to arrive to the hot springs of Santa Teresa. We'll relax and soak
for about 1 hour and continue walking for 45 minutes more to arrive to the
second major town of SANTA TERESA, approx. at 6 pm .(We'll rest, dinner &
overnight here).

3rd day: Trekking
We will get up at 7 am. And have breakfast, then we'll continue our trek to
the Hydroelectric Power Plant for about 2:30 hours. This part of the trek is
called "the waterfall day" where we´ll pass many cascades and specially one
falling from 45 m above being the smallest. The option is to get a shower in
one of these. Once we'll reach the Power Plant we can visit a small
archeological site nearby including an Intiwatana (Sundial) after this,
we'll have some rest and get lunch, we'll continue after that for about 2:30
more hours as we'll reach to our final destination today...AGUAS CALIENTES
(At the foot of Machu Picchu) approx. at 5:30 pm. Then we'll go to the hotel
to rest or you can choose to trek a very steep and slippery climb to the
Putukusi hill, just in front of Machu Picchu complex at the same level or
visit the artisan & handicraft market at night... and around 7:00 pm we'll
have our last tour dinner and a general advance briefing of what will be the
Machu Picchu tour. (Hot springs visit is optional).

4th day: Machupicchu
We'll get up early at 4:30 pm to have enough time to climb up the steep path
to the MACHU PICCHU Sanctuary in about 1:30 h. and watch the sunrise, then
ou get private guiding withing the park for 2hours, after that you can
wander freely until noon to relax, take snapshots, walk and also climb up to
the Wayna Picchu summit or just stroll to the Intipunku or the Inka
Drawbrigde. We'll return down to Aguas Calientes town at 1:30 pm, just to be
on time to
each the train back to Ollantaytambo at 3 pm. (train leaves at 4.20 or 4:45

a.. Hotel passenger pick up.
b.. Bus shuttle to Abra Málaga.
c.. Bikes with front suspensions, gloves and helmet.
d.. 3 lunches, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts.
e.. 2 overnights in country lodge (all Basic services included) and
1nightin an Aguas Calientes town hotel (with private bath & hot water).
f.. Entrance ticket to the Machu Picchu.
g.. Bilingual Professional guide service (Biking, trek and Machu Picchu).
h.. Train backpacker: Aguas Calientes - Ollantaytambo (backpacker
touristTrain) and Bus from Ollantaytambo - Cusco.
i.. First aid kit.

Not Included
a.. First - day breakfast and last day lunch.
b.. Snacks or additional drinks.
Bus down Machupicchu Aguas Calientes


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